The Story Behind Creating 100 Videos In a Month

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2017)

100 Videos In January

Late last year, I reexamined my YouTube channel. I’m sure you heard me talk about it on my podcast and viewed a few videos on my blog. I spent the month of December experimenting with the platform. I uploaded one video per day and after about a week, I was hooked. I decided to commit and create a video everyday for the next year. My plan to kick off the project was to upload 100 videos in January 2017, here’s what happened.

First, let me tell you it was a success. I did it, and my 100th video was posted at 11:30PM January 31st, 2017. However, I faced a lot of issues and learned real lessons which I will share with you. The great thing about uploading 100 videos is now I have a nice set of data to watch. Although it’s nice when a video is picked up by the community immediately, the reality is it can take months before some videos gain traction.

Some of my videos, which I posted last January took months to gain traction, and now they have thousands of views. So, you don’t really know unless you have a large following if your video is a hit. I started the project with just over 100 subs – YouTube lingo for subscribers. I now have 172. One thing I know, it takes time to grow a social media channel.

I Didn’t Think About This

My thought is, if I kick of the beginning of the year with a lot of videos it will help my momentum though the rest of 2017. I jumped right in and failed to recall the fact I have a vacation, mostly off the grid during mid-January. Plus, I had a last-minute opportunity to move both my offices in to a new awesome location. Vacation and moving made for a busy January. Yet, I persisted. Persistence is a success key to grow your social media channels, no matter how painful.

Fortunately, I have an advantage. I speak to groups regularly, which gives me a lot of experience for create videos. This makes it easier for me to create a 2-5 minute or longer videos in one take. In other words, I don’t need to spend a lot of time editing. Editing is often a time suck for many YouTubers. You many notice cut after cut in some YouTube vlogs. I’ve seen some videos which seem to have an edit every five words. However, there are many videos with higher production than mine. Each YouTuber has their own style.

Learning YouTube

I’m beginning to understand my strengths and weakness. I get what my followers seem to like, which videos work well for YouTube search and the types of videos YouTube recommends and shares. This understanding seems like a natural fit because it’s similar to standard SEO – which I’m familiar. YouTube wants videos people will watch and keep them on their site. Watch time is very important and longer videos with good watch time are gold for YouTube.

Building a YouTube following is like any other social media. Consistent quality content attracts followers and builds community.  I earn a few likes on my videos, which I appreciate. Unfortunately, I don’t get many comments. I know interacting with your audience is important. However, you need to have audience commenting to develop the engagement. I’m ready, when I finally earn the comments. It takes time and effort.

Also, I’m still struggling with the perfect thumbnail style. A good custom thumbnail is important to grab people’s attention.  Fortunately, they are slowly getting better.

Moving Forward

If you are serious, solid networking is an important part of social community development. The other day I searched for a group for YouTubers in Detroit. I found nothing. So, I created one and set up an event at my studio in a couple weeks. If you are in the Detroit area, feel free to sign up (here), there is limited space. I’m hoping to connect, network and support other people who wish to build a YouTube channel.

Currently, I’m posting one video per day. I’m trying to make the videos a little longer, with better hooks and more interesting topics so more people will watch most of the video. Below are a  couple of my recent videos. Let me know what you think, especially if you have recommendations and topic ideas. Of course, if you enjoy the videos please subscribe.

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