Ten things photographers should not to blog about

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2009)

I’m not promoting censorship.  As a blogger, you can write about any topic you wish. But, if you are using your photography blog for business, I have a few post topics you should avoid:

1. Retelling in detail how the art director acted like a jerk at yesterday’s assignment.

2. Asking the question: Where did the client come up with such a stupid product idea?

3. Explaining how you would love to share last week’s wedding photographs, but you can’t because the bride is too ugly.

4. Telling how hot the models are at the fashion shoot and how you think you might get a little something extra.

5. Bragging how no one noticed you scratched the paint on the prototype car you shot.

6. Blaming all the shoot’s logistical problems on the assistant.

7. Revealing that you got the location for free, but still charged the agency and marked up the fee four times the rate.

8. Admitting that you used someone else’s portfolio to get the job.

9. Complaining that most of your clients suck.

10. Resigning yourself to the fact that you just don’t care about your copyright, you just need work, how you are lowballing everyone and would rather give everything,  unedited, on a CD to the client.

Does it matter if you use names?  People are smart; they  can put two and two together.  Assume people are reading your blog. Chances are, if they know you, they are checking you out before and after the shoot.

Think twice about venting and attacking people.  People don’t want to be the next victim.  There is nothing wrong with problem solving, sharing a little frustration or even poor results.  You do need to keep your blog real.

Don’t forget your blog is your personality. What side of it do you want to show the world?

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