The art of keyword placement: photography SEO secret #4

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2008)

SEO for photographers.

Where you place your words and how they are emphasized makes a

Key words placed near the top of the web page take priority over words
place at the bottom of the page. Words emphasized in bold and with
<H1> tags offer higher value then plan text.
Google wants your key words, but they only need to see them a few
times to be satistified that your page is supporting its claims. But,
Google is not the only game in town. The other players (Yahoo, ask,
live) tend to be more receptive to additional key words, but you don’t
want to be punished by Google for Key word “stuffing”.

For example:

Rosh Sillars is a Detroit people photographer specializing in
people. He likes photographing people on location and shooting
people in the studio. As a Detroit people photographer he takes
pride in his people photography.

As you can see the word people is over done and the paragraph really
doesn’t sound very good. Although, for some search engines the above
sentence would be effective, Google would again look down upon a web
site full of such paragraphs. So, balance is a key.
Secret #4: Key word emphasis and placement is about balance.


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