The modern photographer

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2010)

The modern photographer strives to create new, exciting images.

She uses a digital single lens reflex camera with HD quality video capabilities.  Although good equipment is important, her focus is on lighting and expanding her Adobe Photoshop skills.  She understands that creative vision is what photo buyers are seeking in today’s market. She knows that good mechanical photography technicians are not the photographers hired for major assignments; they shoot volume for micro-stock clients.

The modern photographer is rarely concerned about print distribution. Traditional media no longer has the budget. Print is rarely used by corporate clients. When pricing a commercial job, the first questions she asks are: “How many unique monthly visitors does your Web site receive?” and “How large is your e-mail list?”

All photography usage is now international. Determining the value of a photograph is still based on how many people likely will view the image.

She prices her photography per image. Quality Web sites need a lot more imagery. If she can make more money by doing a great job and selling more images, she doesn’t want to get stuck with a day rate.

Her clients appreciate knowing what they are receiving for their money.  They don’t have to watch the clock or feel she is wasting their time to meet day-rate requirements.  They see the value in each image they select for purchase.

Every quote comes with the offer of video options and editing services.  She knows that every company must tell a story and that social media demands new content. The modern photographer keeps her  clients well-stocked with fresh media.

Big projects often need collaboration. Her clients prefer to use Google Wave to keep all their notes and communications in one place.  Sometimes they have live chats. Wave allows for real-time communication and instant translation necessary for her growing number of international clients.

During every major shoot she takes advantage of her camera’s video capabilities by capturing behind-the- scenes footage and asking clients to offer testimonials.  People love to see how she works and what clients think of her work before contacting her for a potential assignment.

Every day she shares some of her best photography and video (with client blessings) to her social media community.   Most of the people following her love her style and subject matter. They have been well-trained by her on how to find leads and refer her when opportunities become available.

After each assignment she uploads images to her client-dedicated photo galleries. Often the images are proofs for selection or approval before beginning post production.  Other times the final images are available for immediate purchase and download.  Extra images and outtakes may be placed in her personal stock gallery for photo buyers to search.

The modern photographer understands that links are priceless.  Photo credits are good, but in her contract she asks clients to place a direct link under her photos or in another prominent place that will lead viewers to her Web site. She regularly checks Tineye to make sure her most popular images are not being used improperly and that new Creative Commons users are properly linking to her Web site as requested in the use agreement.

Most of her billing is automated.  Money is transferred into her bank account as images are downloaded. Her online accounting system  is encrypted within the Cloud.

In addition, she enjoys displaying some of her favorite artistic images at the local coffee shop.  Patrons use their smart phones to read the bar code below her prints to buy copies of the image hanging on the wall. The process is quick and seamless. Once notified of the sale, she sends a thank you note.

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