The new street photography

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2009)

Traditionally, street photography has been a documentary style of photography that uses 35mm or compact cameras. The goal is to capture candid images of people on city streets or in public places.

Many street photographers pound the pavement each day shooting from the hip to capture unique moments in time. Sometimes they don’t even bother looking through the view finder.

Technology drives street photography — first with the invention of 35mm and smaller range-finder cameras.

Technology has spawned a new generation: the phone photographer.  The quality of camera phones is beginning to rival that of the earliest practical digital cameras.

Street photography doesn’t require multiple types of lenses and an external flash. The names of the game are simplicity and stealth.  Plus, camera phones are easy to use and conceal, which is perfect for documentary-style photography.

One major advantage camera phones have over standard cameras is the ability to send images to the Web.

Once Web sites such as Posterous, WordPress, Flickr and Tumblr made it easy for people to post via e-mail and upload through phone applications, a new world of possibilities opened.  These two technologies opened the door to the camera phone blogger with the ability instantly upload their compositions.

Phone photographers are gaining in popularity and credibility.

Well-known commercial photographer Chase Jarvis was an early champion of the camera phone photographer. He recently created an iPhone application, published a book and created an online community called The Best Camera .

Below is a list of camera phone blogs and examples:

Flickr  street photography

iPhoneography by sionfullana

photo by
photo by sionfullana

Flickr pool of photos taken with the iPhone Contains more than 9,000 members and 100,000 photographs.

The iPhone and the Canon Rebel are in a tight race this year for most popular camera used on Flickr and other photo sharing Web sites.  As phone cameras gain quality and versatility, the art of camera phone street photography will continue to gain in popularity.

Street photography will not have the same mystique as it did in the early days of Cartier-Bresson, Walker Evans and Robert Frank because we have grown accustomed to this method.

Society continues to change and evolve and the new style and generation of photographer is here to offer its perspective.  These new photographers will capture the everyday moments of life, in greater numbers, for future generations to reflect on, laugh about and remember their contemporaries’ intimate pasts.

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