The Secret to Success for SEO and Social Media

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2012)


Everyone seems to be looking for the social marketing magic bullet.  How can they find success with search engine optimization (SEO)?  What is the secret to social media success?

Over time active members of the Internet community have noticed that SEO and social media are interconnected.  I believe this is absolutely true.  I also believe that the secret to success for both is exactly the same for the average person.

It is true there are different strategies and tricks to both social media and SEO, but one will satisfy and benefit both.  What is it? Activity.

Activity will give the search engines food and opportunity to list you. Activity in the social media makes it easier for people to find you and decide if they wish to follow you.  It is also true you get back what you give to the social media world.  If your feeds are generic and automated you will find you will earn generic automated followers.  This is especially true on Twitter.  Engaging activity will result in new relationships.

Fresh, original thoughts and content will earn real followers who appreciate the topics you share.

Please don’t get on my case about quality over quantity.  Got it.  I agree.  But, one incredible post a year will not have the same benefit as 100 good posts.   One great tweet a week will not earn the same following as locking yourself into a room and engaging with your community for a month straight, ask Scott Stratten about that.

How does this affect your SEO?

When you develop a community around your social media activity, your community begins to link to your stuff as a resource or a point of interest.  These links help Google and other search engines determine how high to rank your website and blog posts in search results.

As your work ranks higher in the search results, more people will find you using Google, Yahoo and Bing.  If people like your work, they will subscribe to your RSS and social media feeds.  If they become fans of your work, they will interact with your social media and share your work. This will leading to more followers and people linking to your blog or website.

It’s a circle. In the middle of the circle is activity.

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