The ultimate device

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2009)

When I was a kid I liked to play with a rectangular wooden block.  I called it my ultimate device.  It could do anything.


I’ve not forgotten that device. I’m reminded of it continuously by advances in technology.

Today’s smart phones and the applications created for them are amazing.  I’m coming close to declaring these hand-held pieces of technology equal to my childhood ultimate device.

I’m a big Apple fan.  My first Apple was an Apple IIe.  My family had the first Mac and my parents published one of the first books created on the Mac platform in the mid  1980s.  I really would like an iPhone, but until Verizon and Apple decide they can be friends and place nice together, I’m out of luck. (Maybe I’m just stubborn.)

Last weekend I went swimming. So did my phone. I forgot to take it out of the pocket on my bathing suit.

The next day, I went to the Verizon store to see what was available to replace my waterlogged phone.  I looked at the Blackberry, but ultimately couldn’t justify adding another  $30 to my monthly cell phone bill.

LG released the new enV Touch (Voyager upgrade) at the beginning of June.  I like its features and selected it as my new phone. images

The enV Touch has both a touch-screen system and keyboard with a second screen inside. I’m amazed what these little boxes of technology can do:

The most important feature for me, as photographer, is the ability to display my portfolio.  It is a great advantage to have portfolio images available anytime an opportunity arises.

I need e-mail while on the road and I need a good system to view my feeds and listen to podcasts while I travel.

I’m able to organize my music and podcasts with the MP3 player.

I’m hooked up to all of my e-mail accounts and have the home page of my browser set on my Google reader page.

I have quick buttons that take me to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, favorite photos, videos and important contacts.

I have a voice-controlled GPS navigation system, 3.2 MP camera and video. Another bonus: editing features. I can edit both images and video in the camera.  Plus, it has an automatic blemish-removing mode; smile detector, color correction, macro- and manual focus.

The name card reader threw me for a loop. This feature allows you to take a photo of a business card. The phone’s technology automatically converts the image information (name, phone numbers and e-mail address) and places it in your contacts files.

Those of you with the really smart phones are yawning.  I’m familiar with the latest technology. But, being able to incorporate it into my daily work flow is new for me. I’m having a blast.

As soon as these little boxes are able to teleport me to Mars and shoot a devastating death ray at a moment’s notice, I will officially declare the arrival of the ultimate devices created in the imagination of my youth.


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