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(Last Updated On: January 11, 2016)
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You know blogging drives traffic to your website. Unfortunately, you don’t know where to start or maybe you are running out of good ideas. No need to worry. I have a list of 87 helpful blogging ideas to get you off to a good start and keep your blog humming.

The hardest part of blogging is the same as any new venture. Starting. Taking time out of your busy day seems impossible. When you do have time; you want to relax. The answer is to make an appointment with you. Schedule blogging on your calendar. Give yourself two hours every Wednesday morning or Sunday afternoon.

If you wish to publish a daily blog, then set time aside everyday. I’m usually up early exercising with Wendi. The alarm sometime goes off at 4 a.m., if she has an early appointment. When I get home from the gym I immediately get to work. I usually write for an hour or two, or until the needs of my clients start calling.

I try to get ahead of my blogging, but it doesn’t always work. I do know when I’m a few days ahead of the game, I must continue to write everyday. If I don’t, I’ll find myself behind again. Hack, I’ve found myself a month behind, not even touching my podcast.

It’s easy to get sucked doing other things. If you get distracted, no problem, just start your program again. When you keep a list of topics at the ready — starting is a lot easier.

Blogging ideas:

  1. Update old blog posts.
  2. Apply a current news event to your industry.
  3. How can people make money in your industry?
  4. What is the number one question your clients usually have? Answer it.
  5. Write a book review.
  6. Interview an expert.
  7. Write about the first topic that comes up in the HubSpots topic generator search.
  8. Share a secret about your work.
  9. What is your work flow?
  10. Develop a guide to…
  11. Share an interesting client experience.
  12. Create a infographic.
  13. Create a check list post. Do these things before you do this…
  14. Write a short story.
  15. Share an interesting hack.
  16. Type an industry keyword in BuzzSumo and write about the 3rd topic.
  17. Share questions you must ask before you…….
  18. Pose a scenario and how you would approach it.
  19. Write a response to a negative email.
  20. Share your number one goal in life.
  21. Share how you achieved a goal in life.
  22. Share how you failed at a goal and what you learned.
  23. Make a prediction.
  24. Invite people to guest post on your blog.
  25. Respond to a comment on your blog (positive or negative).
  26. Start a poll about something related to your business.
  27. Write about the history of your profession.
  28. Give up something important and share your experience.
  29. Give up something bad for you and share your experience.
  30. Write about new equipment available in your industry.
  31. Write a poem.
  32. Share a travel experience.
  33. Show your readers how you create an estimate.
  34. Share a personal project.
  35. Challenge yourself to write a 5000 word post on a topic important to your clients.
  36. Write your angle of an interesting article you read yesterday.
  37. Share your favorite recipe.
  38. Show behind the scenes of your business.
  39. Create a podcast.
  40. Write a letter about your career to the 18 year old you.
  41. Publish your manifesto.
  42. Explore where you want your business to be a year from now.
  43. Explain how you met your first client?
  44. What is the best piece of advice you ever received? Why?
  45. This happened to a friend…..
  46. Create a post that people in your industry can use as a resource.
  47. Share and analyze interesting statistics in your industry.
  48. Highlight one of your followers.
  49. Create a glossary.
  50. What is the best blog post you have ever read. Explain why and share the link.
  51. Review a blog.
  52. What is the worst thing you’ve don’t in social media.
  53. What is your favorite app. for work?
  54. What is the first memory of you doing what you do for a living?
  55. What is that crazy thing your pet did yesterday?
  56. Share your experience after a marketing campaign failed.
  57. Describe the launch of a project.
  58. I can’t believe he/she said that to me!…..
  59. Describe your experience trying something new.
  60. Link to a valuable YouTube video and explain why it’s important.
  61. Interview people in your office.
  62. Create a FAQ post.
  63. Share your best networking tips.
  64. Explain how you approach social media.
  65. Interview an old teacher who inspired you or thought you wouldn’t make it.
  66. I’ll never do that again! What is it and why?
  67. Write about trending topics on Twitter.
  68. Write about topics on Google Trends.
  69. Review a free webinar.
  70. Recap your experience at a conference.
  71. Interview a vendor.
  72. Create a how to video.
  73. Define a problem.
  74. Write a series of posts.
  75. Create a white board video.
  76. Share your favorite quote and explain why it’s important.
  77. What sport is most like your industry?
  78. Write a eulogy for an inspirational person in your past.
  79. Create a cartoon.
  80. Publish a Slideshare. 
  81. Take a stand on an industry issue.
  82. What happened when you pushed the wrong button.
  83. Write a promotional blog post (not too often).
  84. How do you find creative ideas?
  85. My business is up because….
  86. My business is down because….
  87. Create a list.

I hope this list helps. Break down some of the above ideas further and you have plenty of ammo for your blog.

What would you add to the list?

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