This Changes Everything For Photographers

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2020)

Check out the video.

The package arrived a little early, yet it seems like I’ve been waiting forever. What’s inside is extremely exciting. Honestly, it’s career-changing for this photographer.

The package contains some new business cards, however, it’s more than that. If you want to see exactly what these cards do, watch the video.

It’s not what you think. It is a business card with a of picture me! Well, that’s not very exciting, but let me tell you what is really exciting. When I turn on my cell phone camera — just turning the camera on that’s all (no special app). Then I point it towards my card. Next, a link pops, and I click it.

The next thing you know, my business card is talking to me. Magic!

It’s my presentation on the card, today a business card can be more than a two-dimensional piece of paper. It’s a dynamic communication tool. Mine even has buttons which take you to my YouTube channel and other pages. In this case, think of it as a little website.

This is one use of technology, a practical experience that we can now create with augmented reality tech.

It’s a new opportunity for photographers and visual artists, and there are many opportunities like this out there.

Me, I’m trying to make augmented reality technology practical for creative businesses. I’ve had a 30-year career in photography. This opportunity allows me to reenergize many areas of my career.

My new venture hits my marketing nerve in a positive way. I hope your imagination is going wild, you can put something like this on a direct mail piece or on the side of the building. But for now, rather than just hand someone a business card, I can now share a dynamic photography portfolio or presentation. If you are a videographer, It can also be a video reel. Of course, think about your clients and how they could benefit from this communication technology.

As a creative, you need to be thinking about what’s next, always.

Much of my career and success depend on thinking about what is next, what technology can I push, and how might people be able to use this technology for visual purposes.

Most important. What are people going to be doing with this technology and how can you and I make money. We need income to continue to do what we love as visual creators.

Photography Business Circle

The fact is, often when people get into photography they come in at a certain point of photographic history. Eventually, they find their niche. Some new photographers look at old school photographers and laugh.

They think I’m using modern technology and styles and they can’t believe the other photographers are falling behind. Then five years later they find themselves still doing what they were doing when they found their first niche. They too have not changed with the technology. The next thing they know they’re the old school photographers.

Today new photographers do photography and photography business differently. The fact is, there are only two things which are consistent within the photography business. One is change and the other, of course, is photographers complaining about the change.

So we have to continuously educate ourselves, push the envelope if you want to be relevant. Try new things regularly. Augmented Reality has been around for a long time. However, it’s become practical now.

Being able to catch a QR code in our phone is just automatic these days with newer smart phones. You don’t need a special app and the experience is launched via the web.

I believe there’s so much more out there for photographers and visual artists. So, I encourage you to put in the comments below how are you using new technology to be relevant as a visual creator or as a photographer to grow your business.

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