Tilt Brush: Art Goes 3D

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2016)

Tilt Brush

Imagine standing next to your digital creation. The ability to walk around or inside your work. It’s here, prepare to push your creative thinking in to new worlds.

Today I played in a 3D world of my own creation. Tilt Brush by Google is part of the amazing new wave of 3D technology hitting creative and technology professionals in 2016. The experience takes some getting used to and I didn’t find it as intuitive as I would like, however, I am familiar with the approach. I still found it amazing. To me, it feels like standing inside Adobe illustrator or Photoshop. If you are skilled and enjoy working with such software, you will love the advantages of this new technology.

My client, a 3D design firm, invested the $30 (yes really, only $30.00) for the Tilt Brush software. They have the HTC Vive system ($800) in place, which is connected to a powerhouse computer.  I need to emphasize the computer power needed to run such a virtual world well. The more computing house power you have; the more pleased you are with the experience.

So, the question to you is; how will you apply this technology? Here is another new opportunity for you to grow, expand and stay at the cutting edge of the visual and design arts. Develop your skills with solutions like Tilt Brush and apply them to your combination code. Doing this helps to make you more valuable in the market place.



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