Twelve things photographers can do with smart phones

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2010)

1.) Schedule assignments:  By using integrated calendars, photographers can check assignment dates, confirm times and add new assignments to their calendars.

2.) Scout: Using a camera phone allows photographers to scout locations and instantly e-mail images to clients without delay.

3.) Inspiration: Never lose a great idea again. Services such as Evernote allow you to photograph, video or record great ideas for the future.

4.) Directions: Turn-by-turn navigation is extremely valuable when traveling in new cities or locations.  When I was in Denver last summer, I got off at the wrong freeway exit.  I picked up my phone, told it to find “Denver aquarium” (which is not even the correct name of the place) and a friendly, robotic voice guided me there.

5.) To-do lists: Applications for to-do lists are being developed all the time.  Test them out until you find one that meets your needs. I’m always amazed at all the things I’m forgetting to do.  My list keeps me on track.

6.) E-mail: Returning e-mails is as important as returning client phone calls. Clients expect you to be able to follow-up via e-mail anytime.  The excuse of needing to get back to the office is no longer acceptable.

7.) Text: Sometimes it’s not appropriate to take or make phone calls. A quick text to answer a client’s,  assistant’s,  or support-staff  member’s question can avoid headaches later.

8.) Translate: Translation applications are excellent for the traveling photographer.  The ability to ask a question or get directions in almost any language will save time and confusion.

9.) Portfolio: The value of having a portfolio with you 24 hours a day is priceless.  I like to make Flickr galleries that I can easily update  and quickly access via smart phone applications.

10.) Podcasts: Listening to podcasts will support your knowledge of photography. Playing tutorials on the fly can also support photographers in the field.

11.) Social media: Connecting with friends, family, and associates no matter where you are keeps you in the loop.  Who cares what you are doing? They care. Your followers will enjoy virtually tagging along on your adventures.

12.) Make phone calls: With all the things you can do with smart phones, making phone calls is certainly an important function.  Follow-up, confirm appointments, and introduce yourself to new prospects.

What would you add?


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