Twelve unique cameras

(Last Updated On: October 8, 2009)

Cameras are fun and exciting again.

Now that digital cameras are commonplace (offering more megapixels than most photographers need), video is becoming standard and ISOs are going through the roof — it’s time have fun with new features, design and style in our cameras.

There are more tools than ever for the new media photographer to enjoy. Listed below are some new cameras released in 2009 to get your creative juices flowing.


Fuji released a 3D camera on Oct. 1 in the United States. I discussed it on the New Media Photographer podcast last Monday.  It’s a good start toward the future of photography.  Unfortunately, you can only view the images on the back of the camera or with special viewer.  Prints can be made — but they have to be done in  Japan.


A big thank you to our New Media Photographer friend, Lucian.  He pointed out the Nikon Coolpix S1000PJ, which is a 12.1 megapixel camera with a build-in projector to display images.

Samsung is hot and full of innovation with their new camera lines, so I’ll mention three of them:

Samsung has  heard and answered the call of the modern age and the social media community with the release of the dual view camera. This camera allows people to see themselves on the front of the camera while taking a self portrait.
Samsung HZ25W (via DPreview) with 24x optical zoom lens.  This is good camera for parents taking photos on the sidelines.  Wildlife enthusiasts will also find the long zoom lens useful.

Samsung also recently released its camera and a phone with a 12 megapixel camera with shutter release, 3x optical zoom and camera controls.

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G3 digital still camera has Wi-Fi and Web browser built into the camera for easy photo sharing.

Polaroid is still offering instant photos with the 5 mega pixel Polariod PoGo.  This digital camera spits out 2×3 prints in Polaroid style.


If you have been looking for a red SLR camera, you are in luck. Pentax is offering the reasonably priced and stylish K-x in red, white and navy blue.

Olympus TOUGH 8000 one of a number of durable cameras from Olympus.  They claim it is shock proof from over 6 feet, waterproof to the depth of 33 feet,  freeze proof to 14 degrees F  and offers image stabilization.  This camera is perfect for the extreme athlete or a clumsy member of your family.

minoxnmpMinox DCC 5.0 The White Edition is a tiny, retro-styled nicely styled range-finder digital camera.

The Optio W80 is the Pentax version of the clumsy person’s camera.  It’s designed for dropping, submerging and freezing. They add a little style with color options such as red, blue and gray.  If you are looking for purple, you will have to consider the waterproof  Optio WS80.

Note many of the major brands are offering durable cameras, the above cameras were the first to catch my attention.

Sony Webbie HD camera is Sony’s compact video and still camera.  It’s designed for fun and ease of use.  This camera also comes in three colors: orange, silver and purple.

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