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(Last Updated On: July 30, 2008)

I’ve been writing a lot about Twitter lately.  Read my post at Prosperous Artists on “Twitter is not for chatting.”

I’ve come to form some strong opinions and revelations about Twitter while writing over the past few days.  It’s not about what is happening on Twitter.  Twitter is what’s happening.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, some people use it for general conversation or chatting like it’s an instant message system.  Twitter is a platform to share with the outer world what is happening within your world and thoughts.

It’s more like a news feed for your life or organization.  The power of the Twitter feed is that, unlike traditional media, your followers can instantly respond.  But, your Twitter needs to be more thoughtful than instant messaging because you have a following: a group of people, whether it be 3 or 5000,  who are looking for insight, ideas and valuable content in which they can relate.

If you follow a person that uses Twitter as an IM (instant message) platform you will find that half of the conversation will pollute your feed with punch-lines and nonsensical statements. This useless stream often buries content you may actually find of interest.

Twitter is a flexible tool. I do not mean to suggest that it should be a one-way conversation.  But, I do believe the higher the quality of the Twitter content, the more value followers will find.

Again, for more on this subject please read my post “Twitter is not for chatting


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