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(Last Updated On: January 16, 2009)





These thoughts are born from my conversations on Twitter Thursday evening. 

I like capitalism, business and marketing.  But, I have to point out that the people on Twitter trying to use it for mass marketing have the wrong idea.  Many of these people are even claiming to be social media experts. 

How can you be a social media expert and not understand Twitter is not about mass marketing?  It’s about relationships and offering value to the people who follow you. 

Yes, some of that value can be your “stuff.”  But, you have to build up to that.  If you walk up to someone and say “Hi, I’m Sue. Would you like to buy insurance?”   Sue, more often than not, would turn off the prospect.  Sue first must build trust.

Robot shotgunning 2,000 people with the hope that some will follow back while displaying only 4 updates on the log record is going to earn you a bunch of robots. You’ll get companies and people not really engaged, just looking for numbers.   Yes, once again, like attracts like in the Twitter world. 

Twitter has been very powerful in the promotion of this blog and the New Media Photographer brand.  But, I’ve also had to offer content that other photographers would like to follow, use and share.

Not only do other photographers and people interested in new and social media follow me, but I also follow many of them.  I also receive a lot of value such as new ideas, links, leads and answers to my questions.

I’m sure some people have successfully mass marketed on Twitter.  I think people and companies with already-established brands can and will get away with it.  But, for the independent person, young brand or social media expert you have to earn your followers the old-fashioned way, one at a time. 


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