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(Last Updated On: October 30, 2009)

I’ve made it no secret that I’ve been on my back all week sick.  Thank you to everyone who has sent well wishes.  For those of you who have been bitten by one of the many bugs going around, I wish you a quick recovery.

Below are a few thoughts I wish to share from the past few days.  Note my copyeditor is also under the weather.  Please be forgiving of this post.

Twitter Lists

Twitter finally added the list feature to its platform.  This feature allows Tweeters to categorize people they follow in to lists.  For example; you could create lists of photographers you follow, news sources or professional organizations.  One nice element is that if you see a list you like created by another person you can follow that list too.

This simple update is a major upgrade and a benefit to all. Lists act like a blogroll or link to another persons site.  It’s a sign of confidence.   It’s another way to share and keep up with your favorite tweeters.  Is this the end of #Followfriday?

I submitted my very last #followfriday list this morning.

I’ve noticed that the Twitter accounts delivering automatic feeds have had trouble getting added to lists.  That is because of the 15- 20,000 twitter accounts they have following them – a majority are robots or people who find no value in their tweets and never took the time to unfollow.

With that said, it will not take long for Spamers to create services, list pools our automated lists so it looks like people actually care.

Social media at work.

A local Detroit social media influencer Ken Burbary took action this week when a friend was in need.  Jamie Loveless was stricken with H1N1 while vacationing in Florida with her family.  Ken started a fund-raiser within his social community to help his friend.  With the help of a few social media heavy weights Ken and the community of over 200 contributors exceed the goal of $5000 dollars.

Unfortunately, mid-afternoon Thursday we all received the word that Jamie lost her battle and died at the age of 27. She left behind  her husband and nine month old son (story).  You can still contribute and support the family.


Although I was not at the top of my game, I was able to interview John Harrington Thurday evening for the new media photographer podcast.  I’m looking forward to playing it for you Monday.  John always has good information.

Catching the Wave

The Google Wave for photographers post has received a lot of traffic.  Obviously, people are interested. I will write more about Google Wave as I work with the platform more.

Down time

I’m going to give myself the weekend off from writing.  I have weeks worth of photography work to catch up on.  I’ll have the podcast ready for you on Monday.


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