This Is How To Use The Combination Code For Your Success

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2016)


Photo by Bryce Barker

Everything is a combination of other things.  It’s a foundation of creativity. Every new idea, concept or invention stands on the shoulders of the already created. If you understand this principle, it makes your quest to create something new or separate yourself from the competition more achievable.

James Altucher has an informative podcast. I’ve followed him for years and appreciate his work. During one of his recent podcasts, he interviewed Dr. Anders Ericsson; 7 Secret of Mastery. The conversation is about how long it takes and what it takes to be the best.

If you think about it, there are a lot of people in this world competing to be the best. However, if you are reading this blog, chances are, you are ahead of about 90% of the worlds population. The access to the technology to read this blog and having a reason to read my blog pushes you to a high level. It’s doesn’t make you better. Like me, you’re lucky to have the opportunities you do; to think beyond the need for food, shelter and safety. This doesn’t mean you should be content with where you are now in your career.

Honestly, it doesn’t mater where you stand in life or in the world. You only have so long on this earth. At no point should you give up, decide you have arrived or discontinue your education. You have a core talent and something to contribute. Your skill may be rough or well polished, yet it can be improved and you can take it to new places.

During the Altucher show, the two talked about the myth of 10,000 hours, made famous by Malcolm Galdwell. The idea is that it takes 10,000 hours to attain mastery of anything. Dr. Ericsson clarified the issue (and he has authority to do so). Still, it takes a lot of training and effort to be the best in the world for any traditional quest, such as chess, golf or violin.  Dr. Ericsson stresses that a good teacher to guide you is important for such a pursuit. However, James suggested that even someone who is not trying to be the best, in the traditional sense, can still make their mark. For example, a student of the violin may be excellent, but not up to the skill level needed to become a member of a great orchestra. Yet, there are still options.

This is where the combination code comes in to play. Take your core, high level talent in to a new arena, such as Rock and Roll, as James suggested. A violinist can innovative with the violin. By playing in the world of Rock they may achieve higher levels of success. In other words, create your own field and became the expert.

This is what I did when I combine my Internet and social media knowledge as a photographer, it gave me an instant national stage as new media photographer. It separates me from the pack of other excellent professionals. I also gained access to clients who gave me opportunities as an expert to create more photographs.

The Combination Code is not magic, it’s the basics. It’s how you make your mark in the world. If you don’t have the skill, time, experience or desire to compete for the traditional top spots, you still have opportunities. Odd enough, When you develop your own expertise, it can allow you closer access to the other top people in your field. It can also give you a chance to compete for the traditional elite positions over time. It’s like taking a short cut around the traditional path everyone else is clawing their way through.

During 2008, if I wanted a top social media guru spot and earn book deal; I would have a high mountain to climb, almost impossible. Taking a different route, in social media, as new media photographer, I was not at the head of the guru table. However, I had a seat at the table — representing my industry. This lead to published books, speaking engagements and international recognition.

You can do the same. What is your core? What can you combine with your core talent to help you stand out? It’s never too late for the Combination Code. If your idea doesn’t catch on, try another. Unlike training in traditional fields, which can take years of focused hard work and require you to earn your dues through the ranks – A good combination can be a fast path to success.

This doesn’t mean experience, hard work and education are not important. They are very important. Success is a process of trial, error and failure along the way. There is never an end point. Keep working. Many people who reach their life goal become depressed. They work their whole life for one thing and have no plans for after they achieve it or not.

If you have success, discover new ways to combine your core. Over time you may develop multiple high-level cores. It’s not about the possible money, fame or acknowledgement. It’s about living life until your last breath.

The awesome thing about the Combination Code is you can become a thought leader, create something new and achieve success. You can turn disadvantage into assets, combine the simple into the extraordinary and share your creative genius with the world.

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