[Video] Do Cheap Photographers Hurt Your Photography Business?

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2019)
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Is Cheap Photography hurting your business?

This is a big topic in the photography community. Anabel DFlux writes about this topic at Digital Photography School. The video above is my reaction and insight to the 6 topic headlines in the article and her conclusion.

I talk a lot about photography pricing on this blog, podcast and YouTube channel. There are many factors to consider, and you as a photographer need to decide who you want as a photography client before you develop your pricing strategy.

We talk about adding value to your brand, yet, is this really the solution? Is it harder than just creating a brand or is creating a brand really hard?

The article covers 6 reasons why cheap photographers are not hurting your photography business.

  • There is a client for everyone
  • Client priorities are not always the same as yours
  • Some clients will eventually understand the price versus value point
  • Express your value and stand by your worth
  • Find your demographic and market to them!
  • Stop worrying about what others are doing and charging
  • Conclusion – which you can read on her post.

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