11 Combination Code concepts that will change your life

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2013)

The Combination Code is not a new discovery or idea. It’s a creative concept that I have used to develop my career.  The idea is to be mindful of what works and let go of what does not. All inventions are combinations of other things. Unlocking combination codes are about using your creativity to develop new innovations.

By examining your personal combination you can make better decisions on opportunities you should pursue in your career or as a business owner.  Developing new and high quality combinations will help separate you from the competition.

Before you can use the Combination Code successfully, you need to seriously examine your strengths.  Ask yourself: What is your core ability or skill?  The answer is not always what you want to hear. It’s important not to mistake your core skill as something you are still learning, or developing, or wish you had or an area in which you do not demonstrate unmistakable talent.

This doesn’t mean you can’t apply skills outside your core to your combination; that is the idea.  Continued education, creativity and innovation will make you better. What I’m suggesting is that some people deny or do not recognized their core strengths.  When you don’t use your god-given talents, most likely you will fail.  At best, you may find minor success, but it will not be at the level you are capable of achieving.

Below is a list of 11 ways you can use the Combination Code to change your life for the better.

1. Examine your personal strengths.   What are you really good at and what can you combine with your core strengths to present to the marketplace or employers?

2. Combine your talents to underserved industries, communities or businesses.  Underserved doesn’t mean without money or profit.  Take advantage of these opportunities; apply your talents toward these niches.

3. Combine in your business successful ideas and concepts used in other industries.

4. Collaborate with other people. This is a powerful option.  Don’t accept just anyone into your world. Make sure your collaborators bring comparable strengths to the table.

5. Combine extremes.  You may not want to use a combination of extremes, but when you are looking for new ideas, exploring these combinations sparks new ideas that are often extremely beneficial.

6. What is your community combination? With whom do you spend time?  Is the combination of people you associate with a working combination? Sometimes you need to add or subtract people in your life to improve outcomes.

7. Never-ending combinations.  You become the expert once you separate yourself from the competition. You are the inventor. You also are the target. If your combination works well, people will copy you.  Never stop developing new combinations to stay ahead.

8. Random combinations.  I like to think of crazy combinations by selecting random items or ideas. I then try to figure out how to connect or combine them into something new. This exercise will help you discover new concepts that will spark life-changing ideas.

9. Examine your daily combination.  What do you do each day?  What is the combination of events and activities that make up your day?  Are they efficient or beneficial to your business or career?  How can you improve your daily combination?

10. Daily additions.  Tweak your product or service on a daily basis to develop major advantages over your competition.

11. Combine processes.  Can you apply to your business a process used by other industries?  By combining innovative processes, it’s possible to make your business more efficient and profitable.

What life-changing combination can you think of?

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