Why Wedding Photographers Don’t Get The Order

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2017)

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You don’t need to be a wedding photographer to feel the pain of not getting the sale. However, I see a common mistake among many wedding photographers. Maybe you can learn from it too. If you are a wedding photographer, pay attention.

There is one common thing wedding photographers who are not earning enough work do. They don’t want to be pushy, they let people think about it and hope the couple will come back later to book them.

Yes, it does happen. It’s common for the couple to set up appointments with multiple photographers to view their options. However, you know they have already seen your work online, through referrals or Facebook. It’s a matter of value, price and personality when they finally meet you.

Most couples know if you are the right photographer within minutes of meeting. Don’t drag it out.

Your job during the first meeting is to qualify them as a good fit for your service, provide awesome value and sell yourself. However, before the couple leaves you must ask for the sale.

You need to guide the couple through the process of hiring you. Let them know, now is the time to make a decision to hire you as a photographer. Give them a contract to sign now. Don’t let them take the contract with them. Either the bride and groom want you or not. If they can’t make up their mind now, figure the answer is no. If they call back, awesome, the next meeting is to sign the contract to hire you.

Always ask for the sale and expect if the couple leaves without a commitment, you will never see them again. The answer is no.

You want to get to the word no as quickly as possible. If you have 3-5 brides out there in the world thinking about it. It gives you a false sense of security. It takes up brain space and gives you a feeling that new work may be coming soon. So you don’t work as hard to find more prospects. The date is open until the contract is signed.

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