What 90% Of Successful Photographers Actually Do.

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2019)
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Photography Success

If you want to be a successful photographer than it’s important to understand that 90% of a successful photography business activity is not creating images.

I’m talking about 90% of non-photography activities which photographers do to create a successful photography business. Yes, It’s important to create images, every day, if you want to be a successful photographer – yet there is much more.

What Does A Photographer Do Everyday?

There are a lot of other things photographers do before and after we create an image. Pre-production is still an important part of your photography. Planning, scouting, hiring a crew, and paperwork. In other words, prepare yourself for a successful photography assignment.

The fact is if you do a good job and everything runs smoothly, then people will trust you as a photographer and believe in what you’re doing.

If a client trusts us, then they’re more likely to have the confidence to refer us. Referrals are an important part of the growth of any photography business.

As important as preproduction is, it’s not as important as the production of the image and post-production.

Post-production continues to increase in importance as part of our photographic work. This is because the time after you create the image, in the camera, is much of when our finishing touches and style happen.

Many photographers forget about post-production as part of their business, especially when it comes to pricing photography. Don’t forget about your post-production time and costs.

Photographers, especially event photographers have to go through a lot of images, do a great deal of editing and in many cases create interesting adjustments, style and looks to the images. Of course, this takes time.

Photography Marketing

Whether you’re slow or busy, it’s important to remember that marketing, never stops. Photographers need to carve out time, every single day to market their photography. This allows you to continue to grow your business. Yes, even if you are busy, you must take some time to get on social media and share updates about you’re doing. Take the time to display your latest work on Instagram or Facebook or wherever you find your audience.

If you’re slow, take a hands-on approach and get out into the community, shake some hands, make new connections, based on your marketing persona and the target audiences.

Photography Success Combination

There’s always something to improve with our photography business. We talked about the unique success combination in my videos. There is actually a success combination 7-5-3-1. The numbers represent developing seven sources of income, five people to support your business, three processes in one channel building exercise.

You want to continuously improve your core social media channel and find better ways to grow that channel.

Next, you need to have three processes that you’re continuously improving in your business. Take a look and see which of your processes are working well. Then examine if other processes need to be improved, such as the sales process or the follow-up process.

Consider the people who are supporting your business and in turn you are supporting them.

The five people in your five-person business support system are not necessarily part of a formal agreement. These are people who you have mindfully assigned the task of being part of your business support system.

The seven sources of income is a long term play to help stabilize your photography business. I highly recommend you focus on one area early on in your photography business. Become known for one type of photography.

Over time it’s good to diversify and look at other types of photography, to support and grow your photography business. New sources don’t necessarily have to be the activity photographing. They can be photography industry related items that support your business over the long term.

The Daily Photography Business

We have to remember as creative photography entrepreneurs, we are in business. We must go to work every single day, even if we don’t have an assignment.

Photographers need to get up and go to work, even if we’re creating new images for our portfolio. We can go well beyond photo creation during the slow times, we can create new processes and look for new opportunities for more photography business. We can get out there and find new clients.

Be productive, not busy. Busy doesn’t get you anywhere, but being productive grows your photography business. Understand to create a successful photography business, you must do much more than photograph.

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