What don’t you do?

(Last Updated On: June 16, 2010)

Have you thought of making money from what you don’t do?

Photographers who specialize in wedding photography may not want to bother with product photography.  Chances are, with the label photographer attached to your name, you will be asked from time to time to photograph outside  your specialty niche.

Unfortunately, many photographers try to take on subjects that they don’t have interest or skill in to please a client.  Often, the  result is a set of images that fail to meet the client’s expectations, thus hurting the photographer’s reputation.

Make note of the types of photography you have no interest in and look for trusted networking partners.  Chances are a product photographer is asked for wedding photography referrals on a regular basis.  Trading referrals can be an extremely lucrative and win-win arrangement.

In the mind 1990s, my focus was on newspaper photography.  Although I regularly received opportunities for commercial photography, I had no interest in it.  Eventually I decided to expand my business by representing and networking with commercial photographers.  I continued to follow my photojournalism career path while making 25 percent on commercial jobs that I didn’t want or have the skill to photograph.

Photographers can informally trade leads or set up joint ventures offering 10 to 25 percent commission on completed projects.

Designers, Web site developers, illustrators or any business that works closely with yours can be a networking partner.

If you see a trend, don’t leave money on the table; profit from your connections.


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