What is #archiveday?

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2011)

Twitter is an incredible social media platform that can generate traffic to your blog.  I tweet every New Media Photographer post at least once and it is very effective.

How can you use Twitter to its fullest potential to drive more traffic?

One way I do it is to share older blog posts with my community.  New people follow me on Twitter every day.  For most of my new followers, these posts are fresh content.   Using my  Twitter archive effectively has helped grow my blog over the years.

It can help grow your blog, too.

It began a couple of years ago when I decided to Tweet old but still relevant posts over the course of one day. To my surprise, it was the best traffic day I ever had. It wasn’t just any traffic. It was quality traffic and some of it stuck.  People who discovered New Media Photographer subscribed and kept coming back.

A year later, I did it again with similar results.

Last Tuesday, I gave it a name on Twitter — #archiveday — and tweeted all day using HooteSuite.  I preloaded 45 tweets of some of my most popular posts. I tweeted at a frequency of about two an hour in a 24-hour period.

But wait, you might ask, isn’t that taking the social out of social media?

No.  I was there all day responding and engaging the people who commented, retweeted, and promoted what I was doing on Twitter.

It was a huge success. Traffic to my blog was up about seven times my average. Not only that, I surpassed my best day by more than 60 percent.

I think I’ll do it again in the spring

Remember, every day can’t be an #archiveday.  It is important to focus on other members of your community if you wish to develop relationships. Plus, it would quickly get old to your community.  I would recommend pulling a post or two out of the archives each day to share. Spend more time creating new content, looking for new information to share, and promoting your network friends.

Obviously, if you find Facebook or other social media sites more effective – host an #archiveday there.

If you plan on having an #archiveday on Twitter, please use the hashtag #archiveday and let me know. I’ll share the results.


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