What is Bebee.com?

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2016)


Rosh Sillars Bebee.com profile in the social media group.

A new social networking site is breaking in to the United States market. It’s name is bebee.com. It’s a well constructed site and easy to use. It competes directly with social sites like Xing and the space where LinkedIn dominates. The question: Does it offer something that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the many other social networks don’t?

Years ago a start-up social media platform called blellow.com was launch for creatives. It was like Twitter with some tweaks and one of the first social sites to focus on a niche (outside of traditional forums). Blellow never caught on at a high level. Eventually, the founder could not or did not want to keep up with development and the site was disbanded. Since, other players have taken over in the marketing and creative space, such as shocase.com. I liked blellow because of the focus on creative professionals and collaboration. Something others, at the time, didn’t do well.

Bebee reminds me of the blellow effort because it allows you to easily customize your experience with members in similar fields. You, of course, can do the same on other platforms, however, I like bebees approach.

I like connecting with people on new or smaller social sites because so many of the active members have the enthusiasm and engagement I remember during the first years of social media. Even the influencers on new platforms are more accessible.

It’s the same with bebee.com. Although the site claims over 9 million members, I only see a few highly active posters. At times, one person can dominate the entire stream. Most posts are links to popular off-site articles. Unfortunately, this is something you can find on most any social media feed.

Bebee is not a United States centered company, although they list their headquarters in Delaware. It does have a good start with millions of registered members, however most are outside the U.S. and a large percent of its users speak native Spanish. You can look at this as a positive or negative. If you speak Spanish or are looking for another avenue to connect with people around the world, here is another opportunity.

A core feature of Bebee is curation of job listings. If you are looking for a position in a specific field, the site pulls from multiple sources in a convenient stream. A nice feature is the ability to review job listings in specific groups. I belong to four groups at the moment: Social media, marketing, publishers and bloggers and business.

For those wondering, there is a bebee app. for both Android and iOS.

The bottom line is this is a new site with little press, at least in North America. It’s founders are not new to the rodeo, have a 11 million in funding and a history of success outside the USThe site is nowhere near a critical mass and has a long way to go to become a main stream powerhouse, such as LinkedIn.

How do I know about the site? bebee contacted me via email to introduce the site as part of, what I assume, an influencer campaign. Getting the word out to people with a little reach.

New or unproven doesn’t mean it’s not a good opportunity. I’ve mentioned many new sites through the years. Some have made it big and others died a quick death. However, all of them offer you an opportunity to become an influencer. A big fish in a small pond, the result of which can lead to opportunities elsewhere. People who got into Instagram and Pinterest early and built an engaged following are reaping the rewards today. Like the benefits I received from jumping on Twitter early. If you are looking for something new, especial with international connections, give bebee.com a try.


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