What Is Compound Blogging?

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2016)


timeYour first day of blogging, podcasting or video casting is lonely. No one is reading, listening or watching. The good news is over time people do discover your work through searches and your social media activity.

Your early days and efforts will attract followers overtime. However, the magic of compound blogging will earn you a larger following over time.

When I speak to groups, I often use the example of two early photo posts to my personal blog. The first post was of a Britney Spears picture I had taken a few years earlier; the second created at Cake Nouveau, small Ann Arbor, Michigan, cake shop. Britney’s image earned me the highest-ever traffic during my early days of blogging. Unfortunately, by the next day my post was lost in all the Internet  noise surrounding the pop singer.

Later, I posted some images from my Cake Nouveau magazine assignment. It wasn’t the big splash I had with Britney. I did notice that I began to earning regular referrals from the search engines from people looking for more information about the cake shop. In some cases, it was competitors and food industry people.

It’s important to feed the search engines with valuable content regularly. Each post on your blogs gives the Internet search engines another opportunity to serve up your website listing. Every post helps people to find you online. Eventually, the traffic you earn is compounded and becomes a continuous stream of traffic.

Eighty-five percent of the traffic to my blog comes from search engines. The majority of the search traffic is from Google. I now have over 1000 posts, and it drives great traffic daily. Of course, about ten percent of my blog posts drive most of the blog traffic.

The more you post, the faster the interest in your blog builds. Bloggers come and go. If you are consistent, offer valuable, unique content and hold the course, you will find yourself among the top of your niche.

Don’t give up. Time is on your side.

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