What is Vimeo?

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2008)


Vimeo is a video community designed for user created content. A place
to share your videos with friends and people with similar interests.

It’s extremely easy to create an account and has a very user friendly
design. You’re allowed 500MB of upload space each week. The big
difference is that you can share the actual movie file with friends and

Vimeo promotes the fact that they support high definition video. In
comparison with Youtube the image quality is much better (if a quality
movie is uploaded) because youtube converts uploaded video in to a
lower resolution streaming flash movie.

Photographers can improve the quality of online portfolio presentations
through Vimeo. Especially for photographers and clients who like to view
presentations full screen. Please note that the Vimeo platform is
designed more for a personal and amateur video community use verses
commercial application.

The video can run a little slow if you don’t have fast connection or
processor. But, for the most part it’s a great platform. The video quality
is excellent.


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