What is your personal combination?

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2013)

The Combination Code is about combinations designed to separate ourselves from the competition in the business world.  When I talk about marketing, I’m referring to your outer Combination Code.  The things other people see through your creativity, work, or even the way you present your skills to the world.

There is also an inner Combination Code: you.

You are the combination of many things: genes, your environment, skills you have studied, and lessons you have learned.  This combination affects your ability to create your outer codes.  It is important to take time to examine the skills you do have when you begin working on a new life goal.  Assess the talents you have. What are you good at? What are you not so good at? In what areas of your life do you see a pattern of failure? Where do you see patterns of success?

Recognizing the patterns in your combination helps you make better decisions in your life and career.

We all have shortcomings.

I’ll tell you one of mine. I’m not very consistent. I think up big ideas, put them into place, and even work to make them more efficient.  But, don’t make me do the detail stuff or the same activity day after day.  I will fail.  Don’t make me work under your rules without the opportunity to improve the process or make it my own. Ultimately, I need to move on to other creative pursuits and pass the regular tasks along to someone else. This says a lot about me. I know my strengths and weaknesses.

I love to write and share my ideas, but I’m not very good at editing my work.  I read over mistakes and skip words when I’m writing.  I need editors in my life.

So, what is your inner or personal combination?  Be honest.

What are your core strengths?  Remember, this is not what you want them to be, but the skills and talents you have that rarely lead to failure.

You can take this self-discovery process as deeply as you wish and apply it to as many areas of your life as you find valuable.  Taking a deep look at how you relate to people and examining your track record on follow-through with your promises is helpful. Review how well you manage people. Do you regularly meet your goals? How do your physical abilities play a role in achieving your goals?

The goal is to take on the world with the best you.  Embrace what you have with your chin up high. Don’t worry about what other people have or what does not work in your life. That will not help you when building your career.  Fix what needs to be fixed in private.

Face the world with your strengths.

This doesn’t mean you can’t regularly work on fixing your weaknesses and develop new skills. Continuous education and self-improvement are important parts of developing new combinations, remaining competitive and relevant.  I recommend you don’t combine new talents  with your core skills until they are ready for prime time.

Once you understand your core inner combination, it makes it easier for you to find viable outer combinations.  Combine the things you are really good at to create something new. Develop new approaches. Just do it better.

How are you combining your core strengths?


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