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(Last Updated On: July 15, 2008)

I declared victory on Monday’s podcast.  But, our problem with our blog feed still continued into the day.  So, I created a new database and started rebuilding the blog again on WordPress 2.6 beta from scratch, hoping the more stable version would be released soon.  

WordPress 2.6 was released on Monday.  I like the new features such as the new word counter under the save button.

For some reason the Podpress plugin I’ve used for podcast listening on the blog has not been working with 2.6.  So, I’m using a simpler podcasting plugin.  It  doesn’t have as many features such as the pop up player.  But, it works.

WordPress 2.51 had more issues for me than 2.5.  I’ll not upgrade prosperous artists due to the Podpress issue alone.

I guess my conclusion, and I’ve read this from others, is if your site is working just fine don’t upgrade until it is really necessary.


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