When Will Email, SEO And Facebook Be Dead?

(Last Updated On: August 31, 2015)
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Disruption is all around us. Long standing companies can quickly become irrelevant. Every year we read or hear about the demise of products and services that were once a part of our everyday life.  Yet, some like email, SEO and Facebook continue their important role in our digital lives although they seem a little long in the tooth. Will they ever die?

Email is a big one because it has been around for so long and there are so many other good methods to communicate. Business owners and marketers are told that Google is so good now that there is no need for SEO.  As for Facebook, how can it keep going with so much competition?

The Death of Email

Let’s start with email. Email is a standard in our culture; it will take a lot for it to go away. Oh, but wait, what about the millennial generation and those who follow? They don’t like email, and they are the future.  As millennials move deeper in to the work force they start using email, especially for business communication. For many, email is not the go-to platform for social communication. Nevertheless, email continues as a solid and necessary communication tool in the business world. Oddly enough, I seem to get an increasing amount of email from the social networks predicted to kill email. So, I figure when Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn stop emailing me, then email is about to die.

The Death of SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

If you are in business, own a website or blog you know the value of ranking well in the search engines, especially Google. Google owns over sixty-five percent of search traffic on the web. In the case of roshsillars.com Google drives eighty percent of the traffic to this website.

Google works hard to eliminate the tricks that some SEO practitioners use to rank well in search engines. The early days of the web was like the wild west, and a lot of SEO tricks were available. Today, Google is better at handling the SEO spammers. That doesn’t make SEO dead.

Google ranks what its algorithm determines is the best answer to your query. Usually, the top ten results are found on the front page.  The results are not random. There is a reason why one listing is number one and another is number ten. Understanding as much as you can about why one listing is higher than another and applying those best practices will help you rank higher in the search results. Many of the tricks are history for black hat SEO’s. However, as long as we have a listing of results, there is always a reason one is higher than another. So, as far as I’m concerned, SEO is dead when people stop using search engines with ranked listings.

The Death of Facebook

I use Facebook just about everyday. One week ago, from the publishing of this post, one billion people also checked in on Facebook on the same day. That is the equivalent of one in seventh or fourteen percent of the world’s population.


There are so many other platforms to choose from, and I think Google plus is better. Unfortunately, it’s dying a slow death. Even mighty Google can’t defeat Facebook in the social arena. As far as I’m concerned, it took our culture time to convince Grandma and Aunt Betty to join Facebook, and now that they’re on, they’re not leaving. Facebook continues to improve its services and integrates itself into our lives. The younger generations may find cool new shiny locations to share their social musings.  Still, when they want to checking in with Grandpa, Uncle Joe and update the family of their latest achievements – they have to go back to Facebook.

Nothing lasts forever. All three may someday be familiar words of the past. For now, all are alive and well, and I don’t expect a funeral any time soon.

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