Why Am I Headed To YouTube

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2016)

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I’ve started sharing videos on a daily basis at YouTube. Currently, I have four themes for my videos; strategy, tips, 1 on 1 and confessions. The video below is my first confession video. It’s a candid video about my business, kinda like my podcast style.

I will share the business concept and details on my coming podcast #380. So far, I’m having a good time. I’m getting better at producing my videos. This isn’t a daily Vlog, which seems to be all the rage. I’m producing a few helpful business and marketing videos at a time and then uploading daily. Think I can grow a solid audience.

I’ve had YouTube channels since 2006. I currently have about 115 subscribers on the channel I’m using now (opened 2007). There are a lot of videos there, however, as with most social media – you need to be active and consistent. I should have started this process a few years ago. Still, video is a big part of our future and YouTube is still strong.

I’m not abandoning my podcast, blog or other social media. Just adding. I hope you will join me and subscribe. Even better, you should start creating more videos too.


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