Why Pinterest is here to stay

(Last Updated On: March 3, 2012)

We’ve seen many new social media platforms come and go.  Last year Quora was all the rage.  The year before was Google Wave.  Why is Pinterest different?  Unlike some hot new social media, it’s useful in everyday life.

Pinterest doesn’t require relationships to be helpful.  A strong community is required to populate the boards with great content. But, being a good writer,  thought leader ,or social person is not required for success.

People talk about how addictive Pinterest is and that they spend too much time on it.  I hear these comments on the street as much I do online.   This site isn’t like Google+  with 90 million people and still considered a place for early adopters.

Everyone is having a great time developing visual boards that interest them.  Pinterest is simple and fun to use. There is no need for a social media strategy or concern if there is search engine optimization (SEO) value.

Understanding there is SEO value and having a Pinterest strategy makes it all the more powerful.  People who get the technical or marketing side of this site are not the ones who will fuel its explosive growth.  Pinterest will continue to be successful due to the people who don’t care.

Members can be selfish and focus on what they like and still benefit the community.  That is a winning combination.



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