Would Ansel Adams be a great digital photographer?

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2009)

This is an excellent interview from Silber Studios with Ansel Adams’ son, Michael, about the senior Adams’ photography and philosophies on the craft.

Very telling are the comments that Ansel Adams — the god of landscape photography — was not offering reality. He offered his interpretation. His style came from his mastery of his equipment and the darkroom.

Based on this video I think Ansel Adams would be deep into digital photography and a master of post-processing, which is the darkroom of today.

As you watch this video, think about how much of the discussion can pertain to the modern photographer, post processing and skills needed for success as a 21st century photographer.

Marc Silber’sPhotoShow with Ansel Adams’ son Michael from marc silber on Vimeo.

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