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(Last Updated On: July 15, 2009)

Over the last few years I’ve shared many 140-character thoughts and ideas on the Twitter platform. A few of those thoughts were pretty good, too.

On other occasions, I’ve put my foot in my mouth, shared some not-so-brilliant thoughts, and inadvertently offended a few people. Between the bad tweets, I’ve shared a few gems.

Unfortunately, Twitter only archives for three months.  That might be a good thing. I thought I would share a few of my better tweets from the last few weeks based on my opinion, reactions, and the greatest test, if  they were retweeted.

I hope you find some value in these:

  • You can win in the short run trying to game the search engine systems. But the long run is where the money is.
  • Are you describing your photographs on your Web site for the search engines?
  • Make sure you know your story well before you start networking.
  • It’s just media, get over it.
  • Is your opinion costing you money?
  • I often pick photographs for my blogs and Web portfolios for the value of the key words associated with them.
  • Every time someone tells us how to get hundreds of followers, just follow this link, they lose one follower. me.
  • Do you really know how much it costs to run your photography business?
  • The Microsoft Office 2004 update erased the program from my Mac. I guess I will use Google docs.
  • @daveklonke matching the colors in ones head is not an easy task. really.
  • I really do depend on biographies while figuring out who to follow.
  • I think I scared off the one person who asked me to photograph their wedding this year with my rates…. It worked.
  • Sounds like the airport is directing all their traffic over our house. non-stop.
  • SEO is getting easier all the time. Create great content. You win.
  • Do you really think there should be Google ads on your about page?
  • If you are not following @photojack Twitter polls you are missing out on valuable information.
  • You know you are creating or writing for the right blog when you use it as a resource. Especially your own work.
  • I’m finding more uses for friend feed.
  • How do you keep track of new contacts? Do you have a system or a big drawer?
  • I’ve waited a long time to be able to put portfolio and sample photos on my phone. It’s always nice to have portfolio with you.
  • I’m finding an easy daily routine of everything I don’t do well (rather than avoiding) has been very helpful in growing my business.
  • All I can say is if I’m making it here in Detroit…. Well, just hope I don’t move to your city.
  • Thank you

Thank you is always the best Tweet.  I think I’m going to share some of your (public) best tweets sent to me next week.


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