Your intern is not the expert

(Last Updated On: January 24, 2012)

It’s amazing how many of my clients ask me if their intern, assistant, or most inexperienced person on staff should do their social media marketing.


In some cases, social media drives more than 30 percent of a photographer’s income.  The percentage is higher for wedding and retail photographers.

Should the person who knows the least about your company or industry  be the one representing you out in the world?


There is a myth that young people are social media savvy because they all have Facebook accounts.  That is like saying my aunt Lucy should deliver my next direct mail campaign because she sends me postcards while on vacation.

Teenagers tend to know their cell phones inside and out.  Would you hire a teenager to call on your best client or make the introduction call to a hot prospect?

Of course not. That is what you are doing when you entrust interns with your social media.

Now, the good news.  Interns and assistants are a very useful part of your social media campaign.  Have them set up accounts, monitor your accounts, track Google alerts, research information, look for articles to share, and post information directed by you.  Social media is social and not about posting your latest press release.  It is a two-way conversation; a knowledgable person needs to be the conductor of such an exchange.

How would you train your assistant to attend a networking event on your behalf?  You must have confidence in your team member. Will she represent you well?  If you are satisfied with her abilities, let her respond to basic social media comments and post standard information.

Make sure you have policies in place to support your team.  They need to understand when it is appropriate to comment and when they need to hand over the matter to you.

Social media for business is most beneficial when used for networking and educating prospects and clients.  Ask yourself: Who is the best person to take on that role?  If you can spend an hour a day networking online in the name of growing your business, I say ultimately the job is yours.



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