Your opinion is costing you money

(Last Updated On: June 17, 2009)

I tend to focus on social media.  It’s a natural fit for me.  But, once in a while it is important to point out social media doesn’t replace your other marketing efforts.  It’s an extension of them.

I refer to by-the-numbers advertising as hard marketing.  This type of marketing is just as important as any of your other methods.  AdWords, direct mail, e-mail campaigns, print, radio or TV advertising all can play a role in the growth of your business.

But, if you don’t test and track your campaigns, you are wasting money and opportunity.  The ability to test headlines with Google AdWords or on Twitter is very easy and inexpensive.

The reality is that when you create hard marketing messages you have no idea what will work.  Your opinion doesn’t count.

Today you can test just about anything.  My sales representative told me she saw an airplane flying an advertising banner over a busy thoroughfare the other day. My first thought:  Is this an effective advertising method?

A few other folks I talked to that day also saw the aerial ad for the local car dealership. I’m assuming the campaign is working. After all, everyone in this town knows the name of that car dealership.

Ultimately, I don’t know if the campaign is effective to the company’s bottom line.  But, today’s testing methods could help the car dealership find out.

How is this done? Ideas include creating a Web page, or a contest with prizes based on viewing the banner’s message, and testing different banner colors and messages. Response rates could be tested using unique landing pages, phone numbers or polls.

The point is not for you to hire a plane with a banner to get your message across. The point is you really can test almost everything.  Your marketing opinions could be losing you money.  Take the time to test.  Use the readily available tools on the Internet to support your efforts and maximize your marketing dollars.

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