Your photography needs to be like Facebook

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2010)

The Facebook of six months ago is different from the Facebook of today.  Six months from now it will be different again.  So, too, should your photography.

Your photography must be a never-ending evolution of growth and change.  The people at Facebook know that someone will be more than happy to take their place as the world’s largest social media platform.  Thousands of people would love to take your assignments, too.

Remember,  General Motors once was the largest corporation in the world. Microsoft was unstoppable. Yahoo was the search engine of the future.  In all cases, something changed — or didn’t change fast enough.

Facebook will never be in final form.  It’s good to have a signature style, but if you don’t grow beyond or improve it you will be left in the dust.  I know many photographers who mastered a unique style that earned them a ticket to the top of the industry.  Unfortunately, for some photographers, they didn’t update their style and the world passed them by.

When the digital revolution hit photography,  many photographers quit the business rather than upgrade their equipment, knowledge, or skills.

Your photography doesn’t have to change as fast as Facebook. But you do need to stay relevant by continually educating yourself and testing new equipment.

I have lighting modifiers in my bag that I used only once.  I wasn’t pleased with the results, but I thought they were important to test. I wanted to see if the new equipment would enhance my style.  Facebook updates and tests different services regularly, too.  Not all are winners.

A good example are Facebook groups.  Both Facebook pages and groups had similar functions. At one time users confused one for the other. Both features have improved versions, each one offering its own benefit to businesses and organizations.

Every risk will not be a winner.  But, if you learn from each risk you will be a winner.

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