Your social reach is farther than you think

(Last Updated On: May 12, 2012)

Have you ever had someone respond to something you were sharing about your life with: “Yeah,  I saw that on Facebook.”

When we post on Facebook or any social media platform, we don’t really realize how many people we are reaching. If you have 500 people following you on Facebook and more than 50 percent of people on Facebook check in every day, you have a lot of eyeballs looking at you.  You are potentially sharing your information with 250 people.  If your friends and family start to like and share you status update that number goes up dramatically.

Imagine a room with 250 people all focused on you.  Would you say the same things you are sharing now?

Don’t panic; this is an opportunity.

Your social reach is important if you are in business.  I’m not suggesting that you should give a sales pitch each day. But, if you are working on an interesting project or have a fun story to share, social media will help keep you top of mind with the people who care about you.

If you send your crazy Instagram photographs from last Saturday night’s party  to your Twitter community, you are making an impression.  It is important to manage your social brand.

You many not like the fact that you have a social brand (reputation), if you have active social media accounts it comes with the territory.  If you don’t have social media accounts, trust me, people are looking and your social media brand is automatically negative.

When people can’t find you they assume there is something wrong or you really are not a professional.  This will continue to be the business standard.   People what to know if you are active, what your social reach is, and develop a deep understanding of your personality.

Most people don’t comment on or share your information.  They are watching and listening.  You most likely have influenced a life you hardly know.


Business advice, a great recipe, or an article you shared on Facebook was read by other people and some did take action.  I may have been influenced by you and you don’t even know it.

If you have one person following you, you have the opportunity to influence.  This is why everyone should consider  and take responsibility for their social reach. Everyone in social media must decide how they wish to develop their social brand and take part in the new society.


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