YouTube or Periscope For Photographers?

(Last Updated On: June 26, 2017)


Periscope or YouTube?

Question? Should you use Periscope or YouTube as a photographer? Actually, when it comes to live or pre-recorded video, photographers have many choices. Periscope, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Yet, for me the  dilemma is between YouTube and Periscope.

Facebook is in third place. I see the value in Facebook live stream. However, I’m losing confidence in Facebook as the pay to play model keeps me separated from an engaged community.

If you like Instagram, I highly recommend using stories and live streaming there. It will help to boost your channel. Hopefully, Facebook does not take their pay to play concepts full force to Instagram in the future.

For me, Twitter is my platform and that is where periscope comes in to view. Periscope is owned and connected to Twitter. I’ve made my career on Twitter, and I’m thrilled to see it gain momentum again. I was unsure for a while. I like live streaming, I don’t do it enough, although I get a lot of engagement when I flip the switch on Periscope. When I live stream on YouTube, my engagement is much lower, at this point.

Yet, video is not all about live streaming. YouTube has an advantage all other channels do not. It’s a big search engine. You don’t search on periscope for answers to specific questions. You may look for personalities and topics, but it’s not Google. It’s more like Twitter, a media stream.

Media streams are fine, they are an important part of our social sharing world. However, if I want a video to gain views over the long term; a robust search engine is the ticket.

If you want to build an engaged audience fast, Periscope is the place to be, in my opinion. Based on my experience and observation. If you stream live from Periscope daily, you will gain an audience faster than YouTube. It’s a good platform for photography life streams and question and answer sessions.

If you want to build a longterm lasting brand, YouTube is the answer. Photographers who wish to share how to videos should consider YouTube. A good video earns views for years, intern adding subscribers like interest to your savings account.

Which Is Better?

The answer is, it depends on your goal. For me, YouTube is my focus. Periscope is the support platform to my channel. (click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel However, you can reverse this and use YouTube as support for your Periscope sessions. You have the option to save and download and submit your Periscope videos to YouTube.

If you plan to send your Periscope videos to YouTube, I recommend you record with the horizontal format. Although, vertical is beginning to represent real-life video and is earning positive feedback for casual productions.


Both platforms have their advantages. My third choice Facebook does too. If my photography focus is weddings, seniors and retail photography, using Facebook is a good idea. Periscope can also work well for retail locations which my friends Doug and Ally show us daily. Doug and Ally have a fun show, they engage with their community with shout outs, music and answering photography questions.

If you want to develop yourself as a how to expert, go with YouTube. My friends Scott Wyden Kivowitz is sharing helpful photography videos every few days, Seshu has some great photo related interviews at Tiffinbox and Joseph Cristina is growing a higher production channel with helpful and quality photography related videos.

I have a couple blog posts which can help you with either channel. How to grow a YouTube channel has some good information and a list of professionals to help you get where you want to go. I also have an older post 50 things you can do with Periscope.

My question to you, what platform do you prefer and why?

Below is a video I recorded specifically for this blog.
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