You’ve Been Warned

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2020)
Photo by Ash from Modern Afflatus 

You may enjoy receiving the occasional post from my blog. Maybe a video, article, or podcast. Well, that is about to change. Not the postings, it’s the occasional part. This is your warning.

For many of you, this is a good thing! It’s time to navigate your creative business out of the mess in which we currently find ourselves.

However, for the few not interested in growing your creative business with my regular blog posts, podcasts, and videos — now is the time to unsubscribe, if you receive my blog via email.

What’s different? I’m refocusing back to my social media home. My blog.

This is where I started my online career. The combination of this blog, podcast and Twitter gave me a great opportunity to support millions of creative professionals to live their dream.

Since then I’ve expanded my outlets. I have multiple YouTube channels, podcasts, and blogs. Not to mention an expanse of social media accounts. As many of us do. I’ve been thinking about refocusing for a while. Now is the time.

I knew It Was Coming!

As mentioned, this blog was created during the last recession. I knew creatives and my photography community would need support again during the next downturn. So, a few years ago I started to gear up for the next crash. In 2016 my YouTube channel became my educational focal point. The crisis took longer to get here than expected, however, as you know, it’s here now.

Now that everything is changing and many creatives are unsure of their future. I’m here to support the creative community. It will be different this time, yet, it’s the same strategies that lead me and my fellow creatives out of the last financial chaos. I’m regrouping so I can better serve you.

Grow Your Creative Business

Some of my best resources have been neglected for a little while. It’s time to restart the engines to help you grow your creative business. Below is a list of the resources where I’m creating, and sharing moving forward. It’s a long list, however, the center point is this blog, again.

Sadly, I do have more accounts. However, one or two of the locations above should meet your creative entrepreneur support needs. Everything relevant to the growth of your creative business will be posted here on this blog.

Again, the warning, because this means I’ll be posting a lot more.

Your Next Steps

I’ve used the concepts which I share to create an amazing creative career before and since the last recession. Believe it or not, despite the current climate, my business continues to thrive. Even more exciting, I have new creative opportunities in development and I want the same for you.

I teach the combination code to creative entrepreneurs. It has evolved over the years with support concepts, such as the 7,5,3,1 code. However, the core is still a simple yet powerful concept.

Combination Code: Understand your core and combine new ideas, concepts, technology, style, philosophy and/or processes to innovate and create something new to separate your self from the competition.

You Can Do This

I know it’s scary, but you can do this. The only constant for the creative is change. The way you build and run a photography, video, film, design, writing or any creative business is different than 10 or 20 or more years ago.

Well, there is one more constant. The complaints about the change.

Everyone wants to find their groove and keep it going forever. If you want such a guarantee, go be an accountant (well, they are being disrupted too).

My world of photography is nothing like it was when I started. If I tried to keep creating visuals the same way, run my business like I did, and stuck with the same technology, I would be out of business.

If I kept doing what I did back then, today, I would think that there is no future for my career. Yet, there are more opportunities for visual creators than ever before, however, if you plan to fight for the way it was just a few years ago, you will lose.

Twenty years ago the smart photographers where moving to digital. The savvy designers where learning how to apply their craft to the computer. Many stuck their noses in the air at the creators who wouldn’t move into the modern times. Now, many of those same creators are stuck in their past.

There are new opportunities for you. Together we will discover them, apply them and grow our creative businesses using the strategies that work.

The bottom line is I’m here for you. We will grow your business together.


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