Check in; we are thinking of you

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2011)

Checking in at various locations and venues using sites such as Foursquare, Gowalla, and Facebook has become popular over the last couple of years.

But what about those members of your social community who have drifted off to the back page? When was the last time you commented on one of their posts or tweets? When was the last time you said “hello”? Remember, these are the same people you interacted with a year ago or more when you got into social media.

You know who they are.

Everyone does it.  Over the next year you will gain members and lose others.  It doesn’t matter who strayed from the group. Take the time to look for them.  They miss you.

Check in; let them know you are still around.  You never know, you just might rekindle important parts of your community.


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