How To Restart Your Creative Business In 2021

(Last Updated On: January 5, 2021)

Creative Entrepreneur Restart

I’ve spent a lot of time this week, the week before the new year, focusing on restarting. The big 2021 reset for my creative businesses. How about you? Are you ready to begin again?

First, I want to share my podcast and a video I created on the topic of restarting. The podcast is about restarting as a creative entrepreneur and the video is about creating a restart routine. I think both are worth your time.

Podcast: How to restart your creative business.

restart routine for creative entrepreneurs
Restart Routine Secrets

Step One

Examine what you have now. Take inventory.

For many creatives 2020 sunk their grand plans, some were able to gain traction, still, many were just held in limbo.

No matter where you are today, it’s important to understand what you have going for you. Review your past couple of years and make note of what was working and what did not work. Then, let go.

You don’t have time right now to try and make failed ventures and ideas work. You can circle back later. Now is the time to pair down to the key parts of your creative business which really bring in growth and income. Double down on the working parts.

Journaling For Success

I find it helpful to journal. I write everything down that is filling my head. You may have a lot of worry on your shoulders. You’re not alone.

It’s been a rough year for many creatives. However, if you want to move forward you need to put that worry somewhere else besides swirling around in your head. Put it on paper, know that it’s there when you need to worry more (you don’t).

Write down lists of ideas and actions you need to take to kick start your creative efforts and live life successfully. If you have a large list in your head you may forget key items when you need them most. If you list the todo’s or action items in a journal, you will always have a reference.

Goals For Direction

You have too many goals. I recommend you select 3 goals to focus your attention. If you have more, I believe your focus gets diluted. I also recommend you take on three actions each day or week which are meaningful steps toward your goals.

Goals beyond your goals. It’s important to have backup goals. For the same reason I don’t recommend people have just one goal in life, I recommend you have additional goals on standby.

Have you ever seen someone achieve an amazing goal? Certainly, an accomplishment to be proud of or smile about. However, once the goal that they have spent years to achieve is complete, they don’t know what to do next. Many crash and burn after reaching their highest achievement.

This is why it’s important to have goals after your goals. The next mountain to climb is immediately in view.

What are your now goals for the 2021 reset? Not the goals you declared when you were 15. Often we spend part of our lives chasing things we wanted when we were a younger person or in a different place. It’s OK for your goals to change, anytime. It’s your life.

Create A Plan

A plan is an important part of a successful restart. After you examine where you were and where you want to go, a plan will help get you there. Backward engineer your goals.

What will it really take to get you there? How many clients do you need? How much free time do you desire? What type of space do you want to create in or use as a studio or office?

Think about the type of people you need in your life. Maybe look for people who have successfully restarted. Creatives who have already accomplished what you want to achieve are excellent resources.

How about professional support people to get you where you want to go in 2021. Accountants, assistants, account manager, or a representative.

Partner Up

The fastest way I got my businesses off the ground was to partner with other creatives and companies. Look for people you can work with who are going after the same target customer. You are much stronger working together and keeping each other accountable than going it alone.

Still, the biggest secret to success, in my experience, is to take regular action. It may sound obvious, yet, many don’t follow it. It’s a funny thing, when you start to take action, especially in a fresh direction, new opportunities arise. Often these opportunities come from places you never expected.

The next part is to be persistent and never give up. Never give up doesn’t mean you don’t make changes. Like your goals, you need to make adjustments along the way.

If you take action and show persistence you also have a better chance of the right partners wanting to help grow your creative business.

A Fresh Start In 2021

Everyone will be coming out of the 2020 fog during the course of the next year. New opportunities that you never thought possible are there for you. You need to be open to combining your ideas, new technology, design, and styles. Use the combination code. It’s time for you to lead the way in new niches and build a brand people respect and are willing to pay a premium.

Make 2021 your year!

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